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Chapter 1

Marty thinks the dog has been abused when he first sees him.  Discuss all the evidence he observes that makes him believe this.


Chapter 2

What are ticks?  Do some research about the type of ticks the beagle might have, include a picture of one and explain in detail what they do to animals.


Chapter 3

Judd says he wants his dogs, "lean and mean."  What does this mean and why does he want the dogs this way?


Chapter 4

Marty makes a promise to Shiloh.  What is it and do you believe Marty will be able to keep it?


Chapter 5

Do you think Marty lies to Judd when he says that he has not seen the dog? 


Chapter 6

On page 50 Marty thinks to himself, "Funny how one lie leads to another and before you know it, your whole life can be a lie."  What do you think he means by this?


Chapter 7

On page 61 (your page number may be different), Marty thinks, "right and wrong's all mixed up in my head."  What does he mean by this?


Chapter 8

Why were so many people giving Marty's dad food while he was on his mail route?


Chapter 9

Which one of your adults (Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather, etc.) at home would you be able to trust with such a secret as Marty's?  Why?  Have you ever been in a similar situation as Marty's, where you had to confide in only one adult?


Chapter 10

What do you imagine Shiloh's "new home" looks like?  On a piece of computer paper and using your colored pencils, please draw what you think Marty's pen for Shiloh looks like.  Use the description form the book to create, as accurately as possible, Shiloh's pen.  You may have to look back a few chapters to find the description.


Chapter 11

Have you ever wanted to deal with your own loneliness as Marty did?  See p.91/99.  Please explain in detail.


Chapter 12

Marty's voice was, "sort of quavery."  (See page 102/)  What does quavery mean?  What part of speech is it?  (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.)  Properly use it in a sentence of your own.


Chapter 13

What does Marty mean (see page 111/117) when he narrates, "You live in hill country, it takes a while for the sun to rise.  Got to scale the mountains first."


Chapter 14

Upon confronting Judd, Marty feels taller than he really is.  What does this mean? (see page 114)


Chapter 15

Judd was out to teach Marty a lesson, but in the end it seems that Marty teaches Judd a lesson.  What do you think that lesson is?  Explain.